Property and Casualty bulletMore
From traditional P&C to more sophisticated captives and risk financing, Omni's team works with you to evaluate risks specific to your organization and personally tailor the best program to protect your financial well-being and growth.
Voluntary Benefits bulletMore
Your Voluntary Benefits can be a big plus for employees as well as a pre-tax savings opportunity for you. Omni goes the extra mile by giving you the added value of handling the enrollment process, thus reducing your HR overhead.

Workers Compensation bulletMore
Omni's vast access to a wide variety of programs designed for your industry will help you get the most competitive rates for this required product. We'll help you identifying potential loss sources and mitigating or eliminating exposures. You can count on us expedite any open and ongoing claims.
Long Term Disability bulletMore
Statistically there is a 45% chance of becoming disabled during the working years. Omni takes this risk seriously and tailors a product for you and the people in your organization which can cover up to 100% of income until retirement or even beyond.

Professional Liability bulletMore
Omni understands the intricacies of Errors & Omissions coverage and offers our clients exclusive plans tailored to your specific class of business. We work to provide the most comprehensive coverage for everyone from home medical equipment providers to physicians to allied health professionals and community-based organizations.
Captives bulletMore
In certain circumstances a Captive can be a beneficial solution allowing you to control coverage limits and premiums and maintain more direct control over your risk management program. There are also appealing bottom line savings associated with Captives.